Here is Juliet Wellington's testimony...

 Gurmit Singh from Dominion Lending, is an excellent Mortgage broker. Gurmit went above and beyond the call of duty to help me find all the financing I needed to get my home. I found Gurmit to be, friendly, focused, hardworking dedicated and an all round honest professional with excellent resources and connection to service me.

When bank"s said no to me and told me that I should wait a couple years for my credit to improve; Gurmit was able to help me purchase my home in no time flat. Anyone looking for an excellent mortgage broker who is honest and trustworthy, should most definitely give Gurnit Singh at Dominion Lending a try. 
Juliet Wellington
Brampton, Ontario
I was introduced to Gurmit by my sister who does home closings at a law firm. I was very glad I has selected Gurmit to get my mortgage as he provided me with a very completitve rate and had my long terms goals with my property in mind when getting the right mortgage for me.
I am a very busy person and I was suprised how Gurmit worked around my busy schedule no matter what it took. I needed to get a mortgage approved and done within 10 business days which was all completed by Gurmit with a day to spare. I would reccomend his services to anyone looking for a mortgage. I know for myself I will be going through Gurmit for all my properties in the future. Great Service!
Thanks Gurmit!
Charn Hansra
Brampton, Ontario



When I was in a bad position, I mean with lots of Financial Problems. No one heled me, even banks. Sam, a supplier of mine, introduced me to Gurmit Singh. I met Gurmit at his office. He went through all of my problems, detailing my problem history.

He worked hard with me and in one week he settled all of my debts and solved my problems. I am very very happy with Gurmit for what he did for me. I will recommend anyone who has problems with their finances to get in touch with Gurmit.

God Bless Him.


Suntharlingam Sathasivam (Sundary)

Ohm Siva Trading Co Ltd. Scarborough


This was a pleasure working with Gurmit Singh. I think he is the Best. I will recommend him anyone I know. He work with me from Start to Finish. I was a First Time Home Buyer, with no knowledge of Real Estate. I will always remember Gurmit.

With Thanks,

Mark Ian Johnson

Mississauga, Ontario


I am pleased with the service that Gurmit has provided for me. He went to the extreme length to help me and when I felt disappointed, he tried to cheer me up. He made sure that all the figures were right and if it is too much he didn't stop until he got it right. I would highly recommend him to anyone if you are in deep trouble and no one can help, Gurmit will come through for you.


Edna Graham



Through a time that should have been stressful, painful, and completely impossible; Mr Gurmit Singh has been God sent. His optimistic, assuring, honest and forthcoming guiding us through our financial flood of uncertainty. Always available, forever conforting; anyone who trusts him with their business will find miracles as a result. A heart filled thanks from the Morgan family.

God Bless

Rachael Morgan, Agatha Morgan, Basil Morgan, & Ian Kelly

Brampton, Ontario

Thank you, Mr Gurmit Singh for the outstanding performance on the job well done.

Mr Singh helped in my financial situation and put my mind to ease by establishing a mortgage for me.

Mr Gurmit Singh - Thank You

Alfred Gauci

Brampton, Ontario

I Randolph Mootoo Singh and my wife Mrs Samdaye Mootoo Singh hereby give testimony on the work of Mr Gurmit Singh. We were in a very terrible state financially and no bank, no financial institution could help us. Then one day we met Mr Gurmit Singh, we spoke to him and set up an appointment. After lot of hard work, he came through for us. I will further state that if he can help me, I think he can help any one else.     

R. Mootoo Singh.

Brampton, Ontario

We are very pleased with the service from Dominion Lending Centre. Our Broker Gurmit Singh was very knowledgable and very professional and informative for the our mortgage needs. We would recommend their services and this company.

Glen Mark

Brampton, Ontario

I do appreciate Gurmit Singh's as being a very good financial advisor and mortgage broker which makes me more knowledgable to plan for a better savings in the future.

Bunty Takoor

Mississauga, Ontario